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Our small business accounting firm provide a part-time CFO to small companies. Businesses receive a cost-effective way to have the support of an accounting team and part-time executive without a full-time employee. We help companies improve cash flow, profitability, and financial management.

Small business accounting is responsible for reporting on your financial health through business financial statements. Sole proprietors or self-employed people do not have the time to manage the business's finances. Regardless of your business structure, as a small business owner, you need an accounting system that fits your strategy.

Our small business accounting professionals recommend the best accounting software for business transactions. We handle the financial transactions in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. Business owners should leave the accounting process to Westport Business Management.

We protect your business bank accounts from risk with the best accounting software. Accounts payable and accounts receivable processes are for small business accountants, not business owners. We let you build your business plan, and our non-traditional accounting firm will care for your financial health.


There are many advantages of hiring Fractional CFO services for your small or medium sized business. These include:

Time-saving: Offload bookkeeping and accounting tasks to focus on core business activities.

Simplified Forecasting: Expert fractional CFOs simplify complex forecasting and provide accurate financial projections.

Strategic Guidance: Receive financial guidance during market expansion or business plan pivots.

Equity Partner Evaluation: Fractional CFOs assess financial implications and ensure transparency for equity partnerships.

Effective Capital Management: Manage cash flow, allocate funds wisely, and provide financial reporting.

Cash flow optimization: Analyze cash flow, implement strategies for improved liquidity and working capital.

Debt Management Expertise: Assess financial position, explore financing options, and negotiate favorable terms.

Access to networks: Tap into valuable professional networks for partnerships, funding, and industry insights.

Mergers & Aquisitions (M&A) Support: Conduct financial due diligence, assess valuation, and assist in negotiation and integration processes.

Tailored Financial Solutions: Get customized financial guidance aligned with your specific business needs.


Fractional CFO services transform manual accounting processes and financial decision-making with modern integrated accounting systems. Our approach to CFO solutions customizes a program to meet your goals. As a business owner, the right accounting firm and small business accountant will become part of your team and advisors.

We help small, medium, and growing businesses overcome accounting, finance, and cash flow management obstacles. Companies can augment their management team with part-time, retainer, or contract-based fractional CFO. We provide full-service accounting, finance, and advisory services, adding leadership and expertise to your team.

Other accounting firms charge by the hours for their services, but our small business accountants integrate with your team. Business owners have less stress during tax season, knowing their financial information is ready for the certified public accountant.

Small Business Accounting

Small business accounting software allows expenses to stay flat by keeping headcount low. The small business accountant facilitates your business strategy by filing sales tax, cash management, and tracking income. Accurate records depend on your accounting method, accounting needs, and accounting software.

Small business owners benefit from an accounting firm that oversees business expenses and budgets while monitoring employee wages and tax obligations. Your accounting cycle will produce accurate income statements, timely balance sheets, and financial information to drive organizational change.

Sustaining expense management and business income is challenging for small businesses. It can be easy with most accounting software that provides accounts receivable reports, bank account reconciliation, and financial reporting. Accounting software makes tracking business assets effortless for your small business.


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  • CFO Advisory Services in strategic matters for expansion, M&A, and corporate transactions

  • Full-service outsourced accounting and bookkeeping

  • Cash flow management through treasury services, 13-week forecasting, and payroll administration

  • Working with external accountants, lawyers, and other professionals to support family offices

  • Maintaining relationships with banks, lenders, and investors

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