Corporate Recruitment Strategies in 2022

Each firm recruits people uniquely, owing to a range of criteria such as industry, company culture, location of operations, and recruiting teams. Staffing also varies according to the open position, the time of year, and the immediacy of the hire. Staffing also varies according to the open position, the time of year, and the immediacy of the hire. Instead of prescribing a certain path for you to take, we've compiled examples of innovative recruitment tactics used by firms around the country to employ outstanding talent. Take notes on their suggestions and consider incorporating them into your own toolkit.

Begin with the Fundamentals

Prior to developing a recruitment plan, a few key tasks must be completed. Consider some of the innovative recruitment tactics that leading organizations are utilizing today.

How Is A Recruitment Strategy Defined?

A recruitment strategy is a formal and structured plan that details the steps necessary to find, recruit, hire, and retain top talent.

Take a Look at Your Recruitment Metrics

Before you can begin overhauling your recruitment approach, you must first determine what is currently working and where improvements may be made. To do so, you must examine your recruitment metrics. This enables you to establish attainable goals and identify which techniques will assist you in accomplishing them.

Establish Recruitment Objectives

Once you've identified your recruitment process's pain points, you may strategize strategy to enhance your efforts going forward. If you're having difficulty recruiting people, consider experimenting with new job board channels or hosting a hiring event. If it takes months to fill a position, consider expanding your network or offering a bigger employee referral bonus to your team. There are several tactics you might employ, but you want to maximize your efforts by identifying goals and mapping out how to achieve them.

Invest in Staffing Tools

If you're not already using recruitment tools to streamline your hiring process, consider making the investment to save time and money. Whether it's a video interviewing platform or a comprehensive applicant tracking system, these technologies assist in streamlining and automating some procedures, freeing up your team to focus on other areas of the recruitment process. As more businesses implement hybrid or remote work environments, it is critical to ensure that your organization has robust capabilities for conducting virtual interviews.

1. Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Career Page

  • Having a professionally designed careers page is non-negotiable. It is a critical component of every recruitment strategy for a variety of reasons. To begin, candidates anticipate discovering a careers section on your website. Second, it's an excellent tool for promoting vacant positions, sharing content, and disseminating information about the company's mission, culture, and benefits.

2. Provide Candidate Frequently Asked Questions

  • Because most companies receive similar queries from prospects, Glossier eliminated the middleman and created a FAQ section where candidates may have their questions answered before applying.

  • Because each organization's application process is unique, put prospects at ease by informing them up front about when they can expect to hear back from the company and where they can get additional information about certain opportunities. Additionally, responding to such concerns enables recruiters and candidates to save time communicating information that may be addressed on the website.

3. Provide Employees with The Spotlight

  • Elevate employee testimonials to a new level by featuring in-depth staff spotlights that allow prospects to connect on a more personal level with their team. Apart from their professional responsibilities, the blog discusses their personal interests, hobbies, passion projects, and everything in between. Loves social media and is not afraid to showcase its personality and culture through employee spotlights, team outings, and company-wide celebrations. Additionally, they've used the Instagram Story to showcase their company's basic principles and numerous events.

4. Send out Job Alerts

  • No matter the size of your business, you will not always have open positions for great individuals. However, this does not mean you should accept that you will miss out on great talent.To close the gap, allow candidates to sign up for job alerts, ensuring they are the first to learn about new opportunities that match their interests and experience. This enables the organization to maintain contact with warm leads and to integrate them into their talent community, ensuring that they always have qualified applicants in the pipeline.

5. Encourage Boomeranging With Employees

  • Kronos cherishes its employees so highly that it encourages those who leave to return, a practice known as "boomeranging." They have a dedicated area on their careers page for former employees to assist them in navigating their next career with the organization. They also explain why they developed a culture that encourages employees to pursue their hobbies outside of work and return when the time and opportunity are perfect.

6. Establish A Referral Program For Employees

  • Some of the brightest applicants are still lurking within the networks of your employees. Establish an employee referral program to incentivize your staff to reach out to their networks, similar to Ondeck's referral program, which pays out to anyone who introduces a recruited candidate.

7. Recruit Disabled Individuals

  • While the majority of businesses have an equal opportunity employer clause requiring them to be friendly and accommodating to individuals with a range of mental and physical abilities, when it comes down to it, the majority of businesses do not walk the walk.

  • Compare your company's performance against the national Disability Equality Index. To make improvements, begin with the recruiting process. Additionally, you can improve the accessibility of your careers page by cooperating with organizations such as the United States Department of Labor, the Employer Assistance and Resource Network on Disability Inclusion, and SHRM. Also, there are a range of job boards dedicated to disabled persons, including Ability Jobs, Recruit Disability, and Disabled Person.

8. Respond to The Difficult Candidate Questions

  • Whether you haven't already, you should search for your organization on prominent inquiry platforms like Quora and Reddit, not just to check if anyone is talking about it, but also to interact with candidates and create a relationship through candid responses. It's no secret that SpaceX pushes the boundaries of technology and is continuously on the lookout for the next big thing, making the firm an extremely desirable workplace. To assist applicants in resolving the plethora of questions they have regarding the tech giant, their staff utilized Quora, a question-and-answer website, to assist candidates in resolving their concerns (under 'Related Questions').

9. Establish Connections With Universities

  • Educational institutions, ranging from universities and trade schools to specialist boot camps, are a valuable source of new talent. Salesforce has a specialized team called Futureforce that works with college campuses to give resources to assist young applicants in preparing for their first positions with the company.

10. Make the Most of Search Engine Tools

  • It's difficult to rank on the first page of Google. However, without the assistance of an SEO professional, there are several search engine tools and tactics that can help you boost your recruitment approach.

  • Because the bulk of job searches start on Google, the platform must be a critical component of your recruitment strategy.

  • Google's Job Search function is an excellent way to reach candidates prior to their clicking through to a webpage or job board. When prospects enter a specific job title into Google, the search engine aggregates jobs in their vicinity that match their search. The best part: it's simple to list your employment on Google:

  • Edit the HTML of your website's job descriptions so that Google recognizes them as job postings. Google will assist you in guiding your engineering team through this process.

  • Jobs uploaded to third-party job sites may already include this HTML code, so inquire whether your partners' jobs qualify for Google's job search service.

  • Uber and Lyft are continuously vying for one other's passengers and employment seekers. When someone performs a search for "Uber employment," the second result is for Lyft careers. Lyft ran a hyper-targeted paid advertisement for the "Uber jobs" term, knowing that anyone seeking for opportunities at their competition would also be interested in jobs at Lyft.

  • Boeing and Accenture, like Lyft, purchased Google Ads. However, rather than focusing on their competitors, the businesses concentrated on job title buzzwords.

  • They will be the first applicants viewed when they begin their job searches since they are targeting the term "software engineer jobs." And, given the degree of competition for the greatest engineers, gaining an early advantage on the best prospects can pay out handsomely.

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