5 Takeaways for Emerging Leaders

One year after our first blog post and a lot has changed. The vision is to keep the content consistent this time around. This is a resource for those who may not understand fundamental business concepts or lack traditional business school education. In 2021, anyone can be an entrepreneur or generate income from their device; it is incredible.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Always be you while keeping the company first

  2. Approach each day with a positive mindset and attitude

  3. Stay consistent in times of adversity; it is usually temporary

  4. Find your key people and support system

  5. Always verify

Always be you while keeping the company first

It is essential to understand your personality, emotions, and underlying values and beliefs. By starting with you regardless of your level of rank, you enable yourself to deliver on the company mission and goals. This includes speaking up when times are uncertain, complex, or ambiguous. Stay honest and factual with your messages, and your efforts will propel the firm forward and not go unnoticed.

Approach each day with a positive mindset and attitude

We all know the people around the office that are consistently negative or nay-saying company objectives. However, most of the individuals in the company are employees and have decided to be here.

Accordingly, remain optimistic about the opportunity to drive growth within your company. Your work, regardless of how much it means to you, is roughly 1/3 of your life. Once again, work through managing your emotions and embracing the opportunity each day to make a difference. You can control your attitude; therefore, it is a daily decision to approach each day.

Stay consistent in times of adversity; it is usually temporary

Every trial or test in life has a meaning behind it; we do not see it at the moment. Remember to stay the course during tough times when your work quality is suffering, company performance is slipping, or the market is pessimistic about your future. Pivot where necessary, but make sound business decisions and do not create immense uncertainty. Dominant performance is demonstrated after the fact, usually months or years after the battles fought. Anything worthwhile achieving will come with obstacles.

Find your key people and support system

This is one of the most critical pieces of the puzzle. As business leaders, we must understand where our weaknesses lie and allow others around us to flourish. Chances are you personally hired these leaders to carry out an extensive function. Moreover, surrounding yourself with people who positively impact your well-being, respect your goals, and understand your triggers will pay dividends, especially during adversity. You are only as good as your weakest link.

Always verify

Empower your staff or key managers to execute their functions, but it is vital to verify the information you receive. There is nothing worse than acting on insufficient information, only to find out the source neglected to disclose further details or oversight on attention to the point. We live in a world where we want answers immediately, causing instances where we act before we stop and think. Taking the extra time to verify the information before sending it to another party, especially a business partner or client, can potentially save your company significant amounts of money.

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