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Five Skills for All Business Persons

Updated: Jun 14

Whether you are just graduating from school, changing careers, or just received a promotion, we believe these five skills can elevate your game. No matter your rank on the organizational chart or company's size, there are absolute must-haves; we all need to focus our time on producing results. More importantly, if you are in a management position, this is for you and maximizing your stakeholders' value.

Emotional Intelligence (EI)

The ability to stop, think, then act regardless of the stress level. Being in-tune with our mood and emotions is critical to regulating these feelings. Developing EI takes practice, effort, and time for studying. Through this process, our ability to effectively communicate, manage relationships and have heightened social skills are enhanced.

Microsoft Excel

Yes, Excel skills are necessary, even still in 2020. In particular, if you work with a smaller company or are undergoing a digital transformation, then it is inevitable you will need and use Excel daily. This program is a real time-saver once the skills are developed through training and learning sessions. Take an Excel class; you will not regret it.

Public Speaking

Verbal communication carries over into virtually everything. We speak in public when we are on sales calls, leading meetings, presenting business proposals, working with customers, and now we spend more time doing this virtually and digitally. It is equally important to develop your nonverbal communication skills. Practice makes a difference here, and if you can record yourself, then watch the replay and learn from your observations.

Time Management

Your position does not matter; there will always be an immense amount of work to be completed. With that being said, having a plan, staying organized, using calendars, and taking notes can improve your ability to plow through high volume workloads. Especially if you are newer to the company, or just starting your career, then maximize your time because this increases your value.


If we set out to achieve lofty goals, then we must be ready to keep pushing forward. Along the way, we will hit bumps in the road, maybe even a pretty bad accident. However, when we leverage our EI and remember our purpose, then we can digest these experiences or obstacles as learning opportunities to improve. The more we are honest with ourselves, then the more we can control our responses. No one said it would be easy, but it will be worth it.

Keep working each day to develop your skills. Stay committed to your mission and doing what is right for you and your company.

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Happy Thanksgiving! I am beyond thankful to everyone out there reading our blogs!

Best regards,

Ryan Forrestal

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