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Westport Business Management offers customized business management solutions for a diverse range of industries. We understand that each industry has its unique challenges, opportunities, and requirements, which is why we take a tailored approach to our fractional CFO and management consulting services.


Our team has extensive experience working with businesses in various sectors, including finance, manufacturing, marketing, technology, and more, providing specialized solutions that drive success and growth. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and goals, and our integrated network of CPAs and proprietary systems allows us to provide comprehensive services that streamline accounting, optimize performance, and reduce enterprise risk.


With our personalized approach and commitment to delivering exceptional value, we are your trusted partner in achieving your business objectives.



The manufacturing industry is a dynamic and fast-paced sector that faces a range of unique challenges, from managing supply chains to maintaining operational efficiency and quality control. To succeed in this competitive environment, manufacturing firms need to be agile, innovative, and focused on continuous improvement.


At Westport Business Management, we understand the complexities of the manufacturing industry and have a deep knowledge of the sector. Our team of experienced professionals can help your manufacturing company navigate these challenges and achieve long-term success.


Optimize the manufacturing processes of your small or medium-sized business.



The financial industry is a constantly evolving sector that faces a range of challenges, from managing risk to staying ahead of technological advancements. At Westport Business Management, we understand the complexities of the financial industry and can provide valuable support to your financial firm in a range of areas, including Fractional CFO and M&A services.

Our Fractional CFO services can help your firm manage financial risks, optimize profitability, and achieve sustainable growth. Our M&A services can provide guidance on complex transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.


Drive financial growth with expert consulting, fractional CFO and M&E services.



The marketing industry is a fast-paced and competitive sector that requires in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies and changing consumer behavior. At Westport Business Management, we have extensive experience working with marketing firms and providing them with the expertise they need to succeed.

Our team of management consultants has a deep understanding of the marketing industry and can provide valuable guidance on a range of topics, including strategic planning, organizational design, process improvement, change management, finance, and human resources.


Revamp your marketing operations and achieve your business goals.

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