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Westport is your partner for strategic efforts in small business Finance, Accounting, and M&A. Our network of CPAs, Finance Executives, and Management Consultants are here to remove your burdens and accelerate growth for small business owners.​

Whether your firm is starting up, expanding into new markets, or needing to reinvent your business model, we are here to navigate the complex journey. Small business consulting services with Westport provide small business bookkeeping and more complex financial statements.

​We listen to your needs and customize a program specifically for your company. Through our portfolio of offerings, we help our clients improve business performance, optimize growth plans, and accelerate organizational development.​ Our consulting business implements the best accounting software for your industry and financial transactions.

The core of our existence is to help others build scalable and sustainable businesses with strong ethics and promote an environment for continuous business improvement and development. Other consulting firms are not concerned about your company's financial health. As a small business owner, we understand the importance of your business's finances.



Founder and CEO

Ryan works with clients and network partners to protect business owners and their assets. Every client works with Ryan and his experienced team to increase economies of scale for a fraction of the cost. Ryan brings a wide variety of experience from private CPA firms, publicly traded companies, M&A/ corporate transactions, and small business CFO services in many industries.  

Ryan, a former college football coach, loves watching football games with friends and family at new stadiums. His favorite Starbucks drink is the Pink Drink.

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Our values are an essential aspect of who we are and how we operate.

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Acting with honesty, transparency, and ethical behaviour in all dealings

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Fostering a collaborative work environment, both internally and externally

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Light Bulb

Encouraging and supporting creative thinking and new ideas to help clients achieve their objectives

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Valuing and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of operations

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Changing Controls

Being adaptable to respond to clients' needs and changes in the business landscape

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Prioritizing the needs and interests of clients, delivering value and exceeding expectations

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Award Ribbon

Striving for excellence in all aspects of operations and services, delivering high-quality work and exceptional customer experiences

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Promoting environmental and social sustainability as a way to create long-term value and positive impact


Working with companies of all sizes in financial and operational leadership positions, it was frustrating to see these businesses spinning their wheels. The constant state of chaos was debilitating. We set out to cater to small and medium-sized enterprises (MBE) to help entrepreneurs and business owners streamline their financial success. We aim to help each client with a human touch and take a vested interest in your financial performance.
Since day #1, Our firm will not take advantage of clients with billing by the hour. We want to protect your cash flow - not run the taxi ticker. By strengthening our privately held businesses, one at a time, we strive to improve the employment and economic opportunities for local, global, and digital communities.
What started as some fractional project work turned into a network of partners with the same goal - to improve the financial sustainability of our clients with modern technology, current industry best practices, and our human touch. Through years of developing systems and working with lenders and business partners, we developed a whole business program that lets business owners run their businesses hands-off or remotely from an island.
We are trying to positively impact as many business owners as possible. Our concern is your cash flow and future profitability. There are many new ways to engineer business financial operations; we are constantly researching and developing new ways to optimize our clients' performance.
Our human touch is meaningful when managing your finances - our whole business and whole person approach separates us from the rest. Let's grow together!


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Our clients receive a dedicated executive to ensure your business is protected.

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Financial Management


Each company's financial situation depends on its business plan, balance sheet, and day-to-day strategy. Our fractional finance executives manage your accounting and have a solid understanding of your financial reporting requirements. Keeping track of your general ledger is seamless with our online bookkeeping service. Small businesses need their own bookkeeping system enabled by a small business consultant that becomes part of the team.

Small business financing, such as an SBA loan, requires sound financial statements and expertise to meet lending standards. Your money is important to hire more employees and fund payroll. Considering your tax planning, we recommend the optimal accounting method for your own business.

For a fixed fee, our small business consulting programs provide the professional experience of a financial officer to organize and lead your business finances.

Small Business Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Finance


If your company needs to take on debt like a business loan, it is important to under your financial statements before going to the bank. Small businesses risk high-interest rates depending on their accounting method and personal finances. We manage bookkeeping so the business owner can focus on a rewarding career.

Our team handles reconciling transactions, accrual-based accounting, and small business finances. We work with your accounting software or implement a modern small business bookkeeping solution like QuickBooks. We remove the burden of doing your own bookkeeping and help you focus on your target market.

Small Business Consulting


Management consulting firms help small business owners improve cash flow and reduce debt for a few reasons, including:

  • Faster accounting processes

  • Management Meetings with Finance Statements

  • Marketing plan with a focus and budget

  • Industry-specific financial statements

  • A small business bookkeeping strategy with measurable key performance indicators

With consulting expertise in bookkeeping, strategy, and accounting, we help improve operational performance. Generally speaking, we aim to promote change through the accounting and finance functions.

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