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Helping small businesses improve cash flow, accelerate profitability, and navigate complex growth, change, and transition times. We partner with our clients to strategically bridge the gap from where they are now to where they want to be. Our Fractional CFO services improve financial reporting and drive results.

Overcome financial challenges and achieve growth with our financial strategy development and implementation. Fractional CFOs are strategic partners to your management team and accounting department. We implement systems as your finance leader to achieve goals for sustainable growth. 


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Fractional CEO Services Icon

Fractional CFO solutions provide a part-time CFO to small companies. Businesses receive a cost-effective way to have the support of an accounting team and part-time executive without a full-time employee. We help companies improve cash flow, profitability, and financial management. Outsourced CFO services help businesses achieve a higher level.

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We keep small businesses running with up-to-date books and financials with real accountants every month. Our dedicated accounting support allows small business owners to focus on operations, sales, and marketing. For a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee, we help manage cash flow, bookkeeping, and payroll. Fractional Controller services to protect your assets.

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Our fractional HR executive services reduce your employment risk, recruit and attract elite talent, and partner to accelerate organizational performance. We help build strong cultures of innovation and excellence for a fraction of HR salaries. 

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Our team works with your leadership team to formulate comprehensive business solutions for your key challenges. All weaknesses and threats present market opportunities, and we are here to help facilitate corporate transactions and penetrate growth levers. We have your needs covered from technology, supply chain, marketing, operations, and leadership. 


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"This is next level stuff. The data analytics, visual representations, and insights are the tools our business needs. Thank you to the Westport Team for delivering!"

CFO $600mm Company

Professional Services Company


Family Offices


We work as trusted advisors and accountants for family office entities protecting assets and future generation cash flows. Fractional CFOs develop financial plans and projections to help your family optimize strategy. We provide more cost-effective results than a full-time CFO.




From solopreneurs to entrepreneurs with multiple entities, we develop streamlined financial systems to make quick decisions. Your life is busy - we build an infrastructure for you to have your business anywhere remotely. Have a dedicated finance professional manage your cash flow and accounting services. 

Private Equity


Small and Medium-sized (SMB) companies not on publicly traded exchanges but have private investors, venture capitalists, and angel investors need help managing financial covenants. Experienced CFOs make navigating complex transactions easier on the management team.

Small & Medium Sized Businesses


Your company is navigating change and needs additional support to reach your goals. Experienced CFOs work with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to overcome cash flow obstacles, increase capital efficiency, and accelerate performance. Our Fractional CFOs work with banks and lenders raising capital.



As entrepreneurs ourselves, our fractional CFOs understand the late nights, early mornings, and consistently managing cash flow. We remove the accounting and finance burden for startup company founders so that they can focus on operations, marketing, and business development.

Family-Owned Companies


We augment family-run business management teams to increase profitability, meet budget goals, and safeguard assets. Our preferred CFO understands how important your cash-generating business is to your family. Just like a full time CFO, we develop and optimize financial processes.

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Receive strategic advisory for all corporate transactions, capital raising, and equity funding

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Focus on the products and services that drive your success, and we deliver financial management as your strategic partner

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Get access to our network of CPAs, CFOs, and Management Consultants for accounting services, due diligence, and strategic planning 

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Have an independent assessment of your business within two-weeks from an experienced professional in the CFO role

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Creating an integrated financial management system requires no internal accounting staff with our preferred CFO services.

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Reduce employee liability with a seasoned HR Executive - avoid costly lawsuits and labor claims


Our Fractional CFO services help business owners focus on their business; we handle the accounting, finance, and HR - saving your hours each day and thousands every month. Our clients receive a dedicated executive to ensure your business is protected. Your needs are protected from financial projections, financial planning, and cash flow. Our finance professionals evaluate your situation and develop short-term and long-term goals with a customized financial strategy. 

Working with a Fractional CFO brings experience from multiple companies to your leadership team. Financial strategy development requires financial planning and analysis (FP&A) for effective execution. A Fractional CFO develops your general finance strategy and oversees monthly implementation.


Fractional CFOs: The Best Way to Grow Your Company

Finding the right person to fill your CFO position can be hard if you're a growing company. The skills needed for this job are diverse and often difficult to find in one person. Luckily, there's another option: fractional CFOs.

​Fractional CFOs are outsourced experts who can help your company grow without wasting your full-time resources. They offer financial expertise for small and mid-sized companies in venture capital, budgeting, and financial statement review. 

​Fractional CFOs are trained to perform the duties of a chief financial officer (CFO) in various industries and business models. They can help you with everything from expanding your product line or internationalizing your operations to streamlining your accounting and tax processes.


See our article: How to Optimize Your Business's Financial Planning and Forecasting

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Business Management Check Up


Working with companies of all sizes in financial and operational leadership positions, it was frustrating to see these businesses spinning their wheels. The constant state of chaos was debilitating. We set out to cater to small and medium-sized enterprises (MBE) to help entrepreneurs and business owners streamline their financial success. We aim to help each client with a human touch and take a vested interest in your financial performance.
Since day #1, Our firm will not take advantage of clients with billing by the hour. We want to protect your cash flow - not run the taxi ticker. By strengthening our privately held businesses, one at a time, we strive to improve the employment and economic opportunities for local, global, and digital communities.
What started as some fractional project work turned into a network of partners with the same goal - to improve the financial sustainability of our clients with modern technology, current industry best practices, and our human touch. Through years of developing systems and working with lenders and business partners, we developed a whole business program that lets business owners run their businesses hands-off or remotely from an island.
We are trying to positively impact as many business owners as possible. Our concern is your cash flow and future profitability. There are many new ways to engineer business financial operations; we are constantly researching and developing new ways to optimize our clients' performance.
Our human touch is meaningful when managing your finances - our whole business and whole person approach separates us from the rest. Let's grow together!



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